At all levels of education, persons with a disability were less than half as likely to be employed than were their counterparts with no disability. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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Support and education for families of people with known or suspected disabilities.

Families of youth and adults with identified or suspected disabilities face unique challenges. Finding and navigating complex government programs around disabilities, while providing the extra care needed to support special needs, can leave family members feeling overwhelmed and isolated.

Seeds4Success offers support and education for the families of people with known or suspected disabilities. Through individual consultations and inter-agency coordination, we help the parents, siblings and guardians of our clients learn how to champion the full development of their loved ones' capabilities.

Seeds4Success connects families with resources that support their loved ones' goals for independence and employment. By providing a sounding board and a local point of contact for disability services, Seeds4Success helps family members conserve their energy and make smart choices. We strive to create a better understanding of both capabilities and opportunities to help family members clarify their supporting roles. We advocate for their loved ones in the community to develop independence and sense of belonging.

Many of our client and family services are offered free of charge. All communications are treated confidentially. If you could use more information and support, call us at (206) 370-0709.

"The healthy and strong
individual is the one who asks for
help when he needs it;
whether he’s got an abscess
on his knee or in his soul."
- Rona Barrett

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